‍‍‍-Do you have a question about our product?

-Are you interested in being a RMUNDIES distributor?

-Are you in a fashion program in an accredited college and you want to intern with Ramona-M‍‍‍ar‍‍‍lene Couture?

-would you like to know about the RMUNDIES brand?

The answer to your question is just one email away. Send us a message at myrmundies@gmail.com or you may write to us directly:

P.O. Box 531294

Grand Prairie, Texas 75051

You could be the next RMUNDIES model and receive some extra RMUNDIES model perks which consist of a free portfolio of your photo-shoots with RMUNDIES and free undies.  

If you are interested in being a RMUNDIES Model, here’s what you have to do.

- Send us a couple of pics of you.

– 1 Head shot

– 1 full body shot

– 1 close up

– 1 shot in your undies

- Send us your contact number and email address.

- Send us your credentials plus verifiable references if  applicable to:  myrmundies@gmail.com

Make sure you have copies of your photos because photos sent to RMUNDIES are non-returnable. We will not use your photographs that you send to us in any form of media or in any reproduction(s).